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How it works
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Rent out
Choose to list in GBP or EURO in Settings > Payments

Create unlimited free listings in minutes by clicking 'Post a free listing'.

Price your listing Per day (which stands for 8 hours work), Per Ha, Per Hour or Per Metre.

List anything that is under-utilised. 
  • Contractor services
  • Machinery, with or without an operator
  • Labour services

You will receive rental request emailsif you click 'accept' payment will be transferred to you immediately

For listings priced per day, full payment will be taken at booking. For services priced Per Ha, Per hour or Per metre either one unit will be paid for at booking and can be treated as a deposit to secure the booking. Alternatively, you can specify a minimum number of units to secure the booking or for the full amount required to be paid for at booking- it's your choice!

Connect to our payment system, Stripe,  so you can receive booking requests and payment in Settings > Payments > Connect Stripe account. If you don't already have one, you can set up a Stripe account here. 

Users pay directly into your Stripe account and Stripe transfers the funds to your nominated Bank account, there are no transaction fees.

It's free to list and free to rent. We charge 8% commission only when you generate revenue.

Rent-in anything you need on your farm by clicking 'Request to rent' and then farm more efficiently!

To book listings priced Per day, select the dates that you require it and click 'Request to rent'. Enter payment details and 'Confirm'.
To book listings priced Per Ha, Per hour or Per metre, select the number of units required and click 'Request to rent'. Enter payment details and in the comments box state when you require the service and any other details you think will be useful.

At least one unit must be selected in order to make a booking.

If a rental request is declined, no payment is taken. If it is accepted, payment is transferred.

How to rent something

How to create a listing

How to connect to the payment system 

Renting out
  • Click 'Post a free listing" and list any machinery you don't use every day. List it with or without an operator. 
  • In the listing, you set the rental price,  security deposit required and the amount it needs to be insured for.
  • In order to receive payments you will need to set up a Stripe account and connect it to your Farm-r account (go to Settings > Payments > Connect Stripe Account). Stripe is our payment processor and is one of the world's leading providers of secure online payment systems. All payments made to you will be transferred into your Stripe account for free, from there you can transfer your funds into your bank account.
  • You will receive requests to rent your machine or service by email. Check you're happy with the dates requested, look at the renter's profile, read their reviews and click 'Accept' or 'Decline'.
  • By clicking 'Accept' to a rental request, payment is transferred to you instantly.
  • When the renter collects the machine, you will take their security deposit and they will give you a copy of their insurance documents proving they have adequate cover.
  • Complete either the template rental agreement or an agreement of your own. 
  • Release the machine. A day's rental lasts 8 hours with reasonable allowance for travel before and after the hire period.
  • When the machine is returned be sure to review your renter.

Renting In
  • Browse the listings using the search bar and the category buttons. View them in grid, list or map format.
  • Within a listing you can ask a machine owner any question you like by clicking 'Contact'.
  • When you've chosen a machine, select the dates you need it and click 'Request to rent'.
  • At the checkout, enter your card details and click 'Confirm', this validates your payment but no payment is taken at this stage.
  • Payment is only taken when the renter clicks 'Accept' to your rental request. You will be kept informed by in-app notifications in your Farm-r Inbox so keep checking. If your rental request is declined or you haven't had a response within 3 days, no payment is taken. 
  • When you collect a machine, give the owner a copy of your insurance documents proving that you have adequate cover and fill in their rental agreement.
  • A day's rental last 8 hours with reasonable allowance for travel before and after the hire period.
  • Before you return the machine make it nice and clean so you get a great review.

Top FAQ 

Q. What does it cost?
A. It's free to list and free to rent on Farm-r. We charge 8% commission only when you generate revenue from your listings. This ensures that we add value to your business. 
Q. What about biosecurity?
A. It is very important that machinery is cleaned and disinfected by the owner before a rental and at the end of a rental by the renter.
Q. What about insurance?
A. Our online/offline solution
Online: When a machinery owner makes a listing they must state whether they require it to be insured by the renter and the value that it needs to be insured for.

Offline: When a renter collects a machine they have rented they must give the owner copies of their insurance documentation to prove that they have adequate insurance in place. The owner can assess the documents and contact the renter's insurance company. They will only release the machine when they are satisfied that adequate insurance is in place. 

Your tractor policy will often cover you for anything attached to your tractor, so anything you tow or the implements you use. That's trailers, ploughs and grabs covered!

General farm insurance policies often have an amount of 'hired-in' machinery cover already included, again simple!

If you don't have these or the machine exceeds the value of your cover then you can easily obtain temporary insurance for the hire period from your insurer. 

A machinery owner must ensure that their machine is in safe, working condition and that renting machinery out does not conflict with their own insurance policy.

For more info click here for our FAQs

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